Where are all the women?

It’s a shocking statistic that fewer than 10% of the manufacturing workforce are female. What’s putting them off considering a career in the industry, and what can be done to help bring the numbers up?


Size Matters?

Small companies make up the backbone of the UK’s manufacturing sector. So why is there so little acknowledgement of their value to the economy?


More than the sum of its parts

An open, collaborative manufacturing environment will be more successful in the long-term than one where every department works in an individual silo, says Richard Watkins, managing director of Delos Partnership


Diesel Demand

The UK new car market saw diesel demand decline last year, in the wake of negative press coverage and tighter legislation. Could the same be about to happen to the forklift truck market?


Employment Law: March 2018

This month, our employment law expert looks at annual leave allocation, a fight at a Christmas party and what to do when a premises move upsets a large proportion of the workforce


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