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Making waves with time and attendance

Return on what amounts to relatively low investment well within the year – and improvements in efficiency and customer service – are among promises of integrating time and attendance with enterprise systems. Dom ...

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Moss grows on rolling e-commerce and CRM

Following industrial plastic components maker Moss Plastic Parts implementation of an SSA BPCS ERP system, the firm has been moving successfully onto the web. Brian Tinham reports.

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More than Tetley Perforations

When Tetley wanted to up the ante on its ageing information systems, it chose an integrated SAP system and project partner Diagonal. Brian Tinham finds a refreshingly good implementation.

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Spoilt for choice?

The public’s growing desire for personalised products and more choice means more pressure on manufacturing to customise. Gearing your engineering, your plant, your IT and your e-business strategy to meet this need is ...


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