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Nobody wants to install ERP systems, do they?

Before shortlisting IT suppliers, it’s essential to understand what your manufacturing problems, not just symptoms, are – and what you want to achieve. Brian Tinham introduces the manufacturing business systems section ...

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Managing complexity over the Web

Automating approval routes, removing process bottlenecks and keeping tight control of documents - in short, managing change properly - is expected to cut development cycle times on large projects in half. Annie Gregory ...

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Industrial revolution II

Nicholas Scheele, chairman of Ford Europe and also chair of the Department of Trade and Industry’s Manufacturing 2020, speaks to Brian Tinham about “the most important item [boards of directors] have got to worry about ...

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Bigger boys turning to ASP

While most pundits had predicted fastest uptake of application service provision (ASP) by smaller manufacturers, it’s the big boys who are seeing the benefits, says Frank Booty

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Mobile communications staying connected

The advantages of the spread of newer digital wireless technologies are making themselves felt in everything from mobile sales and operations staff, to production, writes Geoff Lock

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‘Smarts’ to explode on Windows CE?

Low cost, intelligent controls, ‘smart’ factory devices and a raft of maintenance and commissioning tools could ‘explode’ onto the market very soon on the back of Microsoft Windows CE and NT Embedded. Brian Tinham looks ...

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Selling Scania Trucks set for automatic

Sales force automation of sorts is being implemented by several manufacturers. But, what’s becoming clear is, first, you need to integrate with other systems, and second, there’s a gap between hype and reality. Frank ...


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