The new service sees Ben working in partnership with employers to raise awareness about mental health, manage mental health in the workplace and provide practical tools for individuals to help them better manage their mental health.

There is a full day’s training programme available for managers to help them support employees and a series of short masterclasses for employees to enable them to cope with life’s challenges:

Training for managers

  • Managing mental health in the workplace

Masterclasses for employees

  • Coping with stress
  • Work, life, balance (coming soon)
  • Mindfulness for beginners (coming soon)

The courses are designed specifically for people working in the automotive industry and are suitable for all organisations. The training has already been successfully provided to some of Ben’s automotive industry partners.

The development of this new service is in direct response to the huge increase in demand for mental health related help from people in the automotive industry. Ben received a 78% increase in requests for help from people about their mental health during 2016/17, compared to 2015/16.

Jools Tait, business development director at Ben, said: “Our aim is to support the people working in the automotive industry with any mental health challenges they face, as well as providing the training needed by their managers so they know how to support them. We believe that, through BenTraining, automotive businesses will benefit from reduced absence and improved productivity in their workforces.

“According to our figures, we have seen a big increase in demand for help with mental health issues from those working in our industry over the last year. We are therefore responding to this growing need by providing this important training service, as part of our new Ben4Business programme. We are committed to developing the relevant services needed to prevent people from suffering in silence as well as help them remain resilient to the challenges that life brings.”

To download the full brochure, click here.

IMAGE CREDIT: Ben/Newspress