Manufactured from recycled high-density polyethylene by SmartFlow and available exclusively in the UK through, the SF 1210 M3R and M5R has a 100% flow through design.

Jim Hardisty, managing director of, explains: “Cleanliness and strength are two key offerings with this new pallet and, thanks to the smooth and robust design, both will be maintained with use.

“The SF 1210 M3R and M5R is not porous – it physically cannot absorb any liquid it comes into contact with – and its smooth shape gives nowhere for contaminants to hide and multiply.

“With demand increasing for solutions where hygiene can’t be compromised, there is further peace of mind in the open structure of this pallet, which makes it easy to clean efficiently, and it is fully recyclable.”

The firm says that with no ridges, joins or wood grain to trap dirt, it is ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications where clean handling and storing is a priority.