The independent job board survey of 1,200 professionals sought to explore job satisfaction among UK workers, finding that the majority of those working in the manufacturing sector (80%) have had a job that made them miserable at some point in their career.

When asked to share the feelings they had because of a job that making them miserable, the top emotions they experienced were anger (50%), fatigue (39.1%), sadness (32.6%) and boredom (30.4%).

Lee Biggins (pictured), founder and managing director of CV-Library, said: “It’s concerning to learn that so many manufacturing professionals are unhappy in their current roles. While the prospect of a wave of candidates all looking for a new job is great if you’re recruiting, it’s less positive if you’re losing members of your workforce as a result. We spend too much time at work to not enjoy what we do, and with the skills gap already affecting the sector, it’s vital that your staff are feeling happy and productive. Otherwise you could find that your employees are looking elsewhere for a more fulfilling opportunity.”

In addition , professionals in the sector that said they are unhappy in their jobs stated that the top reason behind this was that they were let down by the lack of development opportunities available to them (38%). After this, 37.5% said their work is unfulfilling and 18.8% don’t like the company they work for.

Biggins concluded: “It’s clear that manufacturing professionals place importance on job satisfaction and career progression. Make sure you’re offering regular opportunities for training and that promotions are given where staff deserve them. It’s also important that you create a happy and friendly environment for your staff. This will help to ensure you have a dedicated and long-standing workforce.”