Through its CPD programme, NMiTE will welcome experienced engineering and manufacturing professionals all seeking the opportunity to enhance their skills, productivity and employability. The Lean Manufacturing courses have been developed to improve the processes by which products are created and delivered and empowering people through problem solving and coaching by focussing on the place where value is created.

Toby Kinnaird, head of partnerships at NMiTE said: “Lean thinking and practice helps organisations become both innovative and competitive, which in turn allows them to become more sustainable. Our courses will help participants to see problems as opportunities for meaningful learning rather than errors to be swept under the carpet. We will equip managers with the skills to act as coaches in helping their colleagues to identify problems and practice daily continuous improvement. Their employers will benefit from improved operational efficiency.”

Dame Fiona Kendrick, NMiTE chairman and former chief executive of Nestlé UK & Ireland (the largest branded supplier in the UK food manufacturing industry) and president of the Food and Drink Federation (2015-17) said: “My career in food, in particular my time at Nestlé, convinced me that UK food manufacturing, the largest manufacturing industry in the UK, employing 400,000 people, has a particular shortage of engineers, and so needs more multi-disciplinary engineers to drive the productivity of this sector. As chair of NMiTE I continue to share my passion for the food and drink industry and the employment and skills development opportunities it offers. I am delighted therefore that Avara Foods has come on board as a CPD anchor partner to support this important initiative.”

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Andrew Brodie, people and communications director, Avara Foods said: “In any sustainable business, the development of its people has to be a priority – so partnering with NMiTE on their Lean Manufacturing CPD courses is an obvious step for us to take. We’re delighted to be part of the development of NMiTE’s CPD course and provide meaningful development for our teams. As a local employer, with a proud history in Hereford, we have been impressed with NMiTE’s approach to CPD as well as their commitment to the local community.”

Over the coming months NMiTE will announce and launch a further six CPD courses (Defence & Security launched in July 2019), each with an Anchor Partner business. The Anchor Partner will support the launch of the CPD Series relevant to its sector. NMiTE’s Lean Manufacturing CPD courses are available as either One-day Introductory Courses or Two-day Applied Courses.