The granting of planning permission means that construction of the building can begin shortly, with the Welsh government hoping that the institute’s first facility will open in summer 2019.

The AMRI programme will be geared towards increasing Wales’ productivity, commercialisation, innovation and skills development.

The institute will have a strong focus on advanced manufacturing sectors including aerospace, automotive, nuclear and food, and will deliver support to key manufacturing companies, multi-sector supply chain companies and the broader SMEs economy.

Says Skates: “I am delighted that planning permission has now been granted for the Broughton site of our new AMRI. This means that work can continue at pace on a project, which will maximize economic opportunities in the region and has the potential to increase Wales’ GVA by as much as £4 billion over 20 years.

“In order to compete globally, Wales must remain competitive. As set out in our Economic Action Plan this means adapting to modern techniques and understanding the potential opportunities offered by collaboration and changes in economy such as the fourth industrial revolution.

“The new institute will have these aims at its very heart. I am genuinely excited by the impact it could have on our economy and look forward to work progressing well and to an the institute opening hopefully in summer 2019.”

Airbus have been confirmed as the first member to access the Broughton site.

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