Weaver Demolition, which employs 25 people from its base in Farrington Fields, has seen a 10% increase in turnover over the last twelve months, thanks mainly to its ability to combine modern equipment and industry-leading working practices with the latest recycling and environmental solutions.

Established in 1968 by John Weaver, the company has evolved into one of the South West’s leading firms in its field, working with local councils, NHS Trusts, architects, consultants and private sector clients.

It is looking to build on recent growth by targeting larger projects that could create an additional £1m boost and lead to five new jobs.

“Demolition projects are becoming increasingly complex and clients are looking for an organisation that can help them with all aspects of the brief,” explained Jonny Weaver, business development manager at Weaver Demolition.

“This could be initial design discussions and site set-up work, to decommissioning, full site clearance, demolition, asbestos removal and remediation of the site. We can offer one element or a single source solution and that is certainly appealing to customers who want to know the project will be completed on time, safely and to budget.”

He continued: “The last year has seen us take on the intricate dismantling of a jet engine test bunker for Rolls-Royce and internal demolition works to enable the refurbishment of the ITV Studios in Bristol – this involved extremely tight time constraints and night working to avoid disrupting business activity during the day.

“We’ve also been heavily involved in an extensive site clearance at McArthur’s Yard in Bristol, removing asbestos from contaminated ground, intricate party wall works, main demolition and crushing all stone, concrete and masonry for re-use. What we do is all about clearing the past for the future and this development will be for much-needed housing, commercial workspace and a café.”

Weaver concluded: “There’s a lot of competition in our sector and not of all of it is good; there’s certainly been a rise in the number of firms that are looking to make some quick money without adhering to all the standards and offering ridiculous prices.

“We prefer to take a different approach, investing in the skills and development of our staff and matching that with similar levels of investment into new equipment, including the purchase of the Lehnhoff automatic hydraulic quick coupler system. This will deliver a massive productivity improvement for our customers.”