Rosenbauer UK’s has acquired a set of T8DC cable-free mobile column lifts, supplemented by large wheel bump plates, to enable the lifting of a variety of specialist vehicles.

“We enjoy an enviable reputation in the industry as the premier manufacturer of fire and rescue vehicles, but this counts for very little if not underpinned by our high-quality service offering,” said Thomas Gosney, service coordinator at Rosenbauer UK.

“By introducing TotalKare’s mobile column lifts, our service operatives can be more productive, resulting in even better service to our customers. We were especially impressed with the T8DC because of the ability to set a height limit, which was important due to limitations in our workshop.”

Jack Longstaff, area sales manager for TotalKare, commented: “It’s a pleasure to have provided our market-leading mobile column lifts, and even more so when it means we are indirectly helping to save lives. We look forward to developing a long-standing relationship with Rosenbauer UK for years to come.”