Created for health and safety leaders, operations and HR managers, the workshop will address reoccurring workplace safety issues including human error, injuries, lack of employee engagement, and the perceived conflicts between production and safety. Problems such as these can leave management frustrated and employees in harm’s way.These “common safety pain points” are pressing issues that every manager will encounter at one time or another. SafeStart experts at the event will outline the factors that lead to these issues and provide insight into how they can be solved.

Event attendees will be taught the patterns of behaviour and errors that lead to almost all accidents, discovering how the SafeStart programme develops safety skills and provides techniques to reduce such errors that happen to people at work, at home and on the road. The event will also demonstrate how SafeStart helps companies move beyond compliance and beyond the workplace to improve employee engagement, culture, family safety and business results.

Sarah Stoker, development director at SafeStart, said: “Even when exceptional risk reduction measures are in place, common safety pain points can negatively affect any workplace in any industry. Employers must continue to develop their workforce and give them skills that will improve their safety both at work and home.”