The deal will see the Swift Group, which employs 1,050 people and last year had a turnover of in excess of £270 million, incorporate a substantial number of Brammer's industrial vending machines.

The new contract utilises Brammer Buck & Hickman’s Invend™ service featuring 31 industrial vending machines across Swift’s two large sites at Mexborough and Cottingham in Yorkshire. With one site spanning seven acres, the Invend™ solution will deliver products line side resulting in a reduction in downtime and an increase in operational productivity.

The Invend™ solution will be serviced from Brammer Buck & Hickman’s local branches and will be stocked with a variety of Swift’s most used PPE products including safety glasses, ear plugs, masking tape and gloves.

Stacey Burns, Implementation Manager for Vendor Managed Services commented, “For us, this new contract is a real testament as to what we can offer at Brammer Buck & Hickman. Through Invend™ and our Vendor Managed Services, this is a chance to really show the quality of our support and the effort we put in to make sure all our customers are operating as effectively as they can.”

Invend™ by Brammer Buck & Hickman is just one out of three Vendor Managed Services which is used alongside Insite™ and Inscan™ to consolidate cost, reduce product consumption and improve productivity. Invend™ provides 24/7 availability of the right industrial consumables. Unlike conventional vending machines, with an industrial vending machine, the data from the inventory management system provides greater traceability of consumables and accountability by employees.

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