The software is designed to help customers increase agility and alignment with the fast-changing industry and the solution can also be used to help provide a foundation for more advanced operations, strategic analytics, and growth.

“We needed a solution that worked with our proprietary software to help keep up with orders and customer requests, taking the needs of small job shop requirements and scaling through technology,” explains Peter Goguen, executive vice-president of Xometry.

“The Infor solution should allow us to build upon our business and is the best-suited to meet the current requirements of our internal operations. With Cloudsuite Industrial we expect to be better able to focus on growth, which can allow us to add significant transactional volume in existing manufacturing technologies and more easily support the addition of future Xometry technology offerings.”

Nick Castellina, industry and solution strategy director at Infor, added: “We are very pleased to help Xometry manage their internal operations so they can focus on their growth and customers.

“Cloudsuite Industrial’s capabilities can be used to help Xometry shorten cycle times and more easily manage product configurations for advanced functionality. Backed by decades of practical applications, CloudSuite Industrial is designed to help bring more modern technology to use, which can help Xometry streamline their processes and improve efficiency, giving the workforce more time to engage with customers and innovation.”