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New £250 PDM system

Costing from as little as £250 per seat, CAD and PDM software specialist, Enabled Systems, has just launched its new PDM product, ESysPDM, aimed squarely at the UK SME market. Dean Palmer reports

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Aggreko to create £3.5m global network

Aggreko, the global supplier of temporary power, air conditioning and compressed air equipment, is set to spend £3.5m on creating a global ‘connect and go’ network covering 140 sites worldwide. Dean Palmer reports

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Jaguar opts for scan-care

Jaguar Cars’ UK site at Halewood is set to benefit from a new ‘Auto-ID’ maintenance agreement with Bromsgrove-based scanner, hand-held readers and RFID equipment supplier, DataScan Systems. Dean Palmer

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Autodesk makes move to 3D CAD easier than ever

In a major bid to encourage the still lacklustre take-up of 3D CAD, the $1 billion Autodesk CAD/CAM giant is to offer all upgrades of the Mechanical Desktop suite with a free copy of its hugely powerful Inventor 3D. ...

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IFS announces IFS Applications 2002

Swedish ERP developer IFS soft-launched its latest iteration, IFS Applications 2002 yesterday. The firm’s marketing message is one of targeting four areas of key importance to users: cutting operational costs, ...

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New partnership between PTC and Siebel

Siebel Systems, the customer relationship management (CRM) software vendor, and product design and development software supplier, PTC, have announced a partnership this month. Dean Palmer reports


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