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More than one in 10 workers across the UK have suspected a colleague of taking illegal drugs.


A life-long businessman has been presented with an honorary degree.


A focus on employee wellbeing can bring significant benefit to companies employing lean manufacturing ...


Workforce concerns are dominated by increasing the presence of young people and women in the workplace, ...

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Cream of the crop

An ambitious target to reduce waste levels meant everyone at Derbyshire-based Deb Ltd had to pull together. The result saw them named Team of the Year at the 2017 Manufacturing Champions Awards


Stop and go

Electric motor manufacturer YASA recently opened a new, state-of-the-art factory near Oxford. MM spoke to the firm’s CEO, Chris Harris, about the challenges that come with opening a new site in the UK today


The future of collaboration

Sawyer completes jobs quickly and accurately, works safely alongside co-workers and is an integral part of the workforce. However, Sawyer is not your average employee — he is a robot. Here, Jonathan Wilkins, marketing ...


Crafting the future

Industry is facing many challenges, including a skills shortage, Brexit uncertainty and Industry 4.0 implementation. Manufacturing Management visited two businesses within the UK’s craft sector to find out how they are ...


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