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SafeStart International, a safety and performance training programme, has invited companies to attend its ...


Over three-quarters (79%) of businesses expect to increase the number of higher-skilled roles over the coming ...


According to new research by EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, manufacturers will have to use their ...


Totalkare, a supplier of heavy-duty vehicle lifting solutions, is helping to keep flights on time and holiday ...

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Autonomy or enemy?

Two-thirds of British workers are worried about losing their jobs to automation. However, all the evidence shows that, in reality, robotics will actually create more jobs than they take. So how do we get this message to ...

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The Wealth of Health

A focus on employee wellbeing could improve national productivity by as much as 10%, according to a new report. But the stigma surrounding mental health in manufacturing must be broken down first

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People Power

A focus on lean manufacturing and employee engagement has seen Oxford manufacturer Crowcon increase output and reduce costs


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