Ask the Expert: Embedding ESG in your business

ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance – is a concept that stretches beyond a company’s impact on climate change.

ESG promotes multi-stakeholder cooperation in addressing global challenges by encouraging investment in sustainable development. It drives innovation and creates opportunities that generate long-term sustainable value for the future of the global economy.

ESG has become revenue critical as investors and stakeholders require businesses to disclose how environmental, social, and governance issues – including risks and opportunities – can impact an organisation’s long-term performance.

Manufacturing Management spoke to Fenella Stalbow, Head of ESG at Inspired PLC and we discussed the following:

  • Is ESG a key part of a manufacturers’ overall business strategy?
  • What are ESG Disclosures?
  • What is the purpose of the disclosure?
  • How can Manufacturers get started with their ESG Strategy and Reporting?
  • What ESG trends should Manufacturers look out for in 2024?

Watch the video here: