Warehousing and Distribution Centre Design

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Learn the latest developments, trends and contemporary approaches relevant to modern warehousing and distribution centre design.

Gain a conceptual understanding of the relevant principles, methodologies and practices in the design and management of warehousing operations. As well as learning about the range of equipment available for warehouse operations and the applicability of each, you will gain the ability to analyse and assess alternative warehousing options in a systematic way. This programme is run in conjunction with the Executive Msc Programme and will be attended by MSc students, who are mature students working in supply chain positions and studying a over the course of two years, as well as executives participating as part of the Open Executive Programme. Warehousing On the first day you cover the essential elements of warehousing. Gain crucial information to help you understand various warehouse concepts and equipment options. The warehousing element consists of: • Pre-course access to interactive material on storage and handling equipment and order picking methods • Research on the role of warehousing in modern supply chains • Exploration of methods to determine appropriate storage and handling equipment types and the space utilisation of each • Examination of different picking concepts, methods, equipment and layouts • Methodology for the design of warehouses. Distribution Centre Design This element of the module gives you the opportunity to develop and use the methodology introduced in the warehousing element in a practical situation. You work on a fictitious design project for a National Distribution Centre. You'll take concept to reality starting with the base data for the planning year and finishing with a warehouse layout of the selected equipment. Throughout this project you will be guided by the Workshop Director who will answer questions as necessary. Once completed, you will have an understanding of how to design a distribution centre and how logical decisions can be made between different options for zoning, equipment, operating principles and layout. Finally you will discuss any issues that are of particular relevance to your own warehouse operations or designs. You will also cover the final aspects of distribution centre design namely equipment and staffing levels, plus capital and operating cost estimates. You will also receive two core text books: • Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management (2010) by Alan Rushton, Phil Croucher and Peter Baker. • Principles of Warehouse Design (2010) edited by Peter Baker. Event Location: Cranfield, Bedfordshire Fee: £1900.00 + VAT: 3 days, residential Fees include tuition, course materials, accommodation (if required) and lifelong access to The Cranfield School of Management Alumni Network. For more information or to book visit the course page or call Samuel White on 01234 754415, quoting HJP110. Event organiser/promoter Hayley Preedy Supporting information Websites www.cranfield.ac.uk/som/wdcd Companies Cranfield School of Management