A mobile solution

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The pandemic has changed the way manufacturers use their ERP systems, with new ways of working changing demands on software

Contributor: Priority Software

With a UK presence since 2016, Priority Software provides flexible, scalable, agile, and open cloud-based business management solutions for a wide range of industries and organisations of all sizes; from global enterprises to high growth scale-ups throughout the UK. Here, Sagive Greenspan, CEO of Priority Software, tells us about the developments in the ERP space

How is mobility changing ERP for manufacturers?

Mobile applications transform the way modern business management software is used. Traditional ERP was designed for desktops, but a modern system is designed for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Priority’s mobile platform is not a single application, but rather, a set of solutions that allow our customers to design customised mobile processes based on their unique workflows and needs.

A modern platform backed by a built-in mobile app helps manufacturers strengthen and maintain their business continuity, today and in the future. A mobile platform is a cost-effective way to make business management functionalities accessible to the entire workforce.

Mobile platforms allow remote teams to gain instant access to relevant data. Mobile ERP empowers field teams such as sales or tech support. Real-time access to customer info and data allows better and proactive customer communication and service, resulting in increased customer and employee satisfaction.

Businesses can take control of their production floor, boost data collection, better anticipate demand, and plan their workforce accordingly. Data is collected via various mobile devices, then automatically updated and synced into the system.

How important is this mobility in the light of the new ways of working for so many businesses? Is this having a big impact on ERP?

Mobile resource management apps gained popularity during the pandemic, when businesses started to explore newer ways to leverage mobile tools as an extension of their ERP system, with the same functionality as their desktop system. Mobile ERP solutions drive system visibility and accessibility company-wide, accelerate business processes, boost productivity, and save time, resources, and costs across the board. Mobile ERP apps are designed to power operations ‘on the go’, with apps including mobile field sales, customer service, proof of delivery, warehouse, point-of-sale (POS), purchase approval, employee attendance apps, and more.

By integrating mobile solutions in production facilities, workers are no longer bound to a fixed workstation and have full access to their business functionalities.

Priority works with scale-up manufacturers in the UK. How are these businesses using technology to recover and grow?

Priority played a key role in enabling businesses to adapt to the pandemic and maintaining business continuity. In some cases, our cloud platform has quite literally saved the business, by allowing remote operations, enabling continuous engagement with customers and suppliers, and providing their employees with the necessary tools to work from home.

Priority is designed to incorporate business scalability and agility, so businesses can change their business as they see fit, without changing their platform. They can alter business processes and workflows on the spot.

How can manufacturers extract the maximum value from ERP investments? What do they need to look for at the beginning of the engagement and ensure it is present throughout the relationship?

Flexibility, scalability, and openness are the key. When choosing a vendor, it’s important to ensure they can help you rethink your processes intelligently and adapt the system accordingly. As businesses don’t know what the future will bring, they need easy adaptability and configuration for a smoother collaboration.

Priority enables fast implementation and scalable application. It’s the perfect fit for businesses that are primed and ready to grow, increase profitability, and improve efficiency. Priority offers a multi-phased approach, allowing organisations to take a workload-by-workload path to implementation, updating one workload at a time, deploying additional applications or modules in phases.

This method offers more time for training, testing, and fixing of problems as you go, enabling the formation of modular systems to speed deployment, increase reuse, simplify maintenance, and easily scale, to ensure workforce flexibility and more agile, efficient operations.