Can you be more productive?

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Maintenance is not merely a cost centre. Rather, it can help you boost your output. But only if you approach it in the right way, says PEME

Imagine if you could focus more of your energy and resources on your core business. How much more productive you could be? But, like most companies, instead of focusing on your core business, your attention is divided into many areas, such as people, finances, customers, production and machinery.

Your business success is not just down to your resources, but also down to the choices you make about how you deal with these different areas.

You make a choice to have a maintenance team that looks after your assets. It’s also up to them to solve problems such as breakdowns, repeatable failures, repairs, set-up problems, operator errors and safety issues, etc. It’s not your core business to maintain assets, but it’s needed.

Often, it’s easy to lose focus on best-practice, value-adding maintenance activities such as preventive maintenance, remedial notifications and continuous improvement initiatives because you are too busy fire-fighting, solving engineering problems instead of improving the business.

Very often maintenance is seen purely as a cost-centre, rather than an opportunity to turn the maintenance team into a profit-producing strategic asset.

PEME can help you maintain your assets so you can focus on the important business of your business. We take a fresh look at your maintenance challenges and as well as taking care of your assets; we also look at ways to improve your overall productivity. We don’t just solve problems, we help you predict failures, prevent them and stop reoccurrence.

We have been helping companies for a long time, with measurable results that show a huge improvement in efficiency and production. After working with us, you too will observe that you are no longer having problems with maintenance and that your production is increasing, making a positive impact on your bottom line.

To achieve significant productivity improvements, PEME addresses the following four maintenance elements:

  • Reactive – effectively dealing with breakdowns.
  • Preventive – scheduled maintenance inspections, checks and lubrication and corrective – dealing with fault notifications raised by operators and maintainers.
  • Predictive – use of scientific condition monitoring techniques to detect developing failures.
  • Proactive – address reoccurring critical failures by the use of techniques such as root cause analysis (RCA).

PEME’s approach, from initial engagement through to achieving measurable results, involves: maintenance assessment and development of a tailored maintenance solution; implementation or mobilisation of that solution and on-going reliability improvement.

Step One – Maintenance assessment: We use the PEME Maintenance Model to conduct a maintenance assessment of your existing maintenance function to establish the ‘as is’ and identify the ‘gap’ between existing arrangements and an appropriate level of best-practice. A maintenance solution is then defined to close the ‘gap’ and deliver an improved maintenance performance.

Step Two – Implement maintenance solution: The assistance PEME can provide in implementing the maintenance solution ranges from full maintenance outsourcing to upskilling an existing in-house maintenance team. We have the capability to deliver a complete range of maintenance activity including maintenance, condition monitoring, reliability, continuous improvement project tasks (including design and software) and engineering legal compliance health checks and remedials.

Step Three – On-going reliability improvement: PEME uses a dynamic new approach to on-going reliability improvement that has led many companies to a much higher level of production. This typically involves:

  • Training and mentoring to upskill the workforce.
  • An asset care project to develop and implement a new preventive maintenance regime.
  • Introduction of a pragmatic, cost-effective routine condition monitoring program that will predict failures before breakdown.
  • Introduction of maintenance KPIs to measure and drive performance.
  • Identifying and dealing with repeat failures.
  • Ensuring regular compliance checks are conducted.
  • Provide meaningful information to engineers and managers to ensure the right decisions are made.

To help provide meaningful information we have developed the PEME Condition Register which allows both you and us to see the status of individual assets and see where the condition monitoring program has identified a developing failure and has recommended a remedial action.

A green light on your web app will show you that everything is working, any other colour shows there’s a problem – and you can be assured it’s one we’re already dealing with. This tool is tailorable and provides a highly visible audit trail of asset failure history and has stacks more functionality including air leak maps, electrical panel thermal survey maps, KPI screen etc.

PEME was formed in 1982 and so we are well-established and proven. In 2004, we introduced a maintenance reliability emphasis and since we changed the focus of our company to maintenance reliability services, we’ve built long-term and successful relationships with clients from many sectors [eg., food, chemical, automotive]. Unlike many other companies, we have the skills to deal with consultancy AND engineering, so like all of our other satisfied customers, you would be in safe hands.

Your business success is not just down to your resources, but also down to your choices. You can make the choice to work with us and increase your productivity and bottom line. With our help and guidance, you can’t help but make the right choice.

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