Embrace Digital Manufacturing with ITI Group

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Embrace Digital Manufacturing with ITI Group to transform your ‘good factory’ to a fully connected ‘Smart Factory’ of the future.

ITI Group's client centric RAISE™ methodology centres around understanding your business KPIs and challenges, analysing these and delivering appropriate solutions, designed to maximise ROI and business benefit. RAISE™ utilises industry best practices from BCS business analysis processes and LEAN methods, taking a business-focussed approach to manufacturing projects, understanding the key elements of People, Processes and Technology to solve business challenges and meet stated goals.

Digital Manufacturing is not just an engineering project. Whatever the starting point on the Smart Factory journey, ITI works in partnership with leading manufacturers, from achieving a ‘really good factory’ to a fully connected 'Smart Factory'. They support clients in seamlessly joining supply chain and operational practices together with digital technologies.

How is your Digital Transformation strategy shaping up? Are you unsure where to start or how to make progress? ITI Group discusses the key consideration to make when starting a Digital Smart Factory journey, in a 5-step essential guide to ensuring Digital Transformation success. Click on the link below to download the report.