Shifting perceptions of engineers

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Changing The Way Engineers and Makers are Perceived by aligning strategy, culture and brand through collaborative design. By Gilmar Wendt, Founder & CEO of GW+Co

Collaborative design is bringing your people along with you as you change certain principles within your organisation. Engineers and Makers need to think about their brand as something that can have a meaningful impact and lead to meaningful change.

The problems that UK Manufacturers face around branding often revolve around their image and attracting new talent. You can't solve that just with the visual style, but you can solve it if you create an identity in the truest meaning of identity, which is the answer to who are you? If you can create a shared understanding of what this is that you want to stand for as opposed to somebody else, then you have a much bigger question, and it's very evidently clear that this is not just the marketing question, it's a question of strategy, operations, culture and values. The essence of collaborative design is to bring these functions together. It's also not easy because it involves a shift in mindset and not every organisation is ready for it but that's what we stand for. We're constantly learning, and we want to be the best at Collaborative Design.

GW+Co are a creative change consultancy for engineers and makers and it was really born out of the idea that if you want to have long term success, you need to build it on substance, not on promise. The essence of collaborative design is to bring all the functions within your organisation together and that's what we are passionate about.


This is a joint event with INTERACT and it is for business leaders who are looking to change the way they are perceived and whilst this is often a longer project, we aim to give an insight through discussing the findings from a brand-new report. We will then show some examples of companies that we've worked with who have seen very good successes using a collaborative design approach in terms of revenue growth and job applicants. We have a tool that we use at the outset of such a project, which is the change journey map and the change shown on the map works on the basis that if you plan change in a spreadsheet, there's a likelihood it won't be quite as successful but if you think about it as an expedition, then you will think about it differently. We will make this an interactive and collaborative session so, if you participate, you may get a chance of solving one or two of your problems.