Meet the MMS exhibitors: 123 Insight

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In November Works Management is launching the Manufacturing Management Show (MMS), the only UK event to bring everything you need to know about running a successful manufacturing site under one roof.

Here we talk to Guy Amoroso of key partner 123 Insight on why he is backing the event. In keeping with the event’s theme, he also reveals his manufacturing superhero.

Why are you backing the MMS?

"MMS is important to us as it brings all of the right people that we want to see under one roof. It’s a great fit not only for us but for the attendees. It boils down to relevance. During the course of the day we can make meaningful contact with all shapes and sizes of companies that have a direct need for the products we offer."

How important is it to get out of the factory to pick up best practice ideas?

"There is no substitute for seeing something yourself and being able to ask questions to those that have the answers through direct experience. Having time outside the pressures of the daily environment gives you opportunity to think clearly; to fully explore and discuss things in a relaxed and informal atmosphere."

Who is your manufacturing superhero and why?

"Sir Clive Sinclair, who through both technical and manufacturing innovation effectively kick-started the home computer revolution in the early ‘80s. His was the first sub £100 computer, manufactured here in the UK, that could be profitably mass-produced and went on to sell more than 1.5m units. The successor, the Spectrum, exceeded 5m units."

To find out more about the Manufacturing Management Show and how to attend please follow this link.