A recipe for success: balancing energy costs in food and beverage manufacturing

1 min read

Manufacturing Management Editor, Paul Fanning, will be in discussion with Craig Stasik, who is the Industry Sector Manager, UK Sales, at RS UK and Ireland in our webinar taking place in January.

They will be talking about energy challenges in food and beverage manufacturing. The UK and Ireland’s food and beverage sector is the largest manufacturing industry; bigger than aerospace and automotive combined.

Paul and Craig will be talking about preventive measures the sector can take to avoid soaring rising costs in energy and the value of improving efficiencies that reducing downtime can generate.

Stasik will also run through a customer case study in which RS helped a global food and nutrition leader reduce energy consumption by 14 per cent in only four weeks.

Paul and Craig will also discuss how the drive for innovation can have a long-term impact on facilities and operations, supplementing to improve efficiency... especially in terms of energy consumption.

Delegates will learn:

1. Strategies for identifying and prioritising energy management challenges in food and beverage manufacturing and best practices for reducing costs.
2. Understanding the hidden cost of downtime in manufacturing, along with techniques and tips to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and increase efficiency.
3. Exploration of a real-world customer journey with actionable takeaways.
4. Practical steps for integrating innovation and building a more resilient energy infrastructure in food and beverage manufacturing.

Register your place at the webinar on 30th January 2024 here.