Airbus recruits 80 apprentices

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Airbus has hired 80 apprentices at its Broughton and Filton manufacturing sites.

Twenty seven apprentices join the Filton plant, which employs around 4,000 people and assembles the wings for the Airbus Military A400M military transporter. A further 56 apprentices will work at the Broughton plant, which assembles the wings for the entire family of Airbus aircraft. Airbus whas also recruited 46 engineering graduates to work at the two factories. Gary Griffiths, head of the Airbus early careers programme, said: "The aerospace sector is constantly moving forward, so developing new skills and talent for our own business is a very sound investment. "Our early career programmes have been a valuable springboard for many people wanting to fulfil their ambitions of a career in aerospace. As a company, we benefit from highly motivated and highly skilled individuals who bring new ideas and approaches – essential in such a fast moving environment." A further 30 existing Airbus staff will be developing their career by embarking on apprenticeships, upskilling from their existing roles. Amongst the 80 apprentices, some 42 have joined the Undergraduate Apprenticeship programme in 2013. Essentially a sponsored bachelor's degree in aeronautical engineering, the apprentices gain their qualifications while also receiving a salary and gaining vital experience with a major manufacturer. The Airbus in the UK apprenticeship schemes are accredited by the Engineering Council through the Royal Aeronautical Society and schemes.