Allied Glass invests £35 million in redevelopment project

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The Yorkshire-based prestige glass manufacturer is reinventing their production lines with a latest investment.

Allied Glass is a leading glass manufacture specialising in prestigious spirits brands, who is modernising their manufacturing footprint to best support the spirits industry. The company is making new moves to better their manufacturing facilities with a £35 million investment in the redevelopment of their Leeds site. In April 2022 the L2 furnace was drained and demolished after 12 years of service to the facility, to make way for the new development.

Alan Henderson, CEO of Allied Glass has expressed what the redevelopment will mean to the businesses production abilities: “This is a huge investment for us here at Allied, the whole of our Leeds No.2 shop is being replaced from furnace through to finished goods inspection and packing which will hugely improve our sites abilities. We will also be continuing our developments with further £1 million of investment in our decoration facility for the second half of this year as our client portfolio continues to grow.”

The container manufacturing equipment currently in place at the L2 manufacturing facility is to be removed and replaced. New, Emhart machines, capable of both double and triple gob manufacture will be complimented with new transport and stackers, energy efficient lehrs and gob weight control and inspection camera systems. The cold end lines will be completely removed and replaced with new lines and palletisers from MSK with an inspection system from Tiama.

The company are working on expanding the building which houses the production facility to accommodate this huge new development. This is set to include demolishing an existing office block to make way for new buildings and increasing and improving cellar space as well as lifting the roof. As well as new hot and cold end Emhart machines, the glass manufacturer is investing in new palletisers and shrink-wrap machine, improving their processes from start to finish.

This latest development will revolutionise Allied’s ability to manage their carbon footprint, enabling them to deliver greater volumes of glass with lower emissions, securing sustainable glass production to 2030 and beyond. The new furnace will increase output to 300tpd, achieving 20% energy efficiency gain and targeting Nox < 800mg/Nm3. For a company with sustainability at its heart, this is a great move forward.