Battery partnership helps electrify warehouse operations

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Hyperdrive Innovation, the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of lithium-ion battery technology, has agreed a multi-million-pound, four-year supply agreement with leading forklift manufacturer, Moffett, to supply state-of-the-art battery packs for zero-emission machinery.

The supply agreement, worth more than £500,000 in the first year alone, will initially see hundreds of high-performance battery packs deployed in Moffett’s fully electric truck-mounted forklifts. The partnership will instil clean, electric technology into the operational heart of hundreds of organisations worldwide, including well-known British brands Pets at Home and Topps Tiles.

Orders for the world’s first fully electric Lithium-ion powered truck-mounted forklift – the Moffett E-Series – have grown significantly since its release in 2013. With the support of Hyperdrive, Moffett aims to meet this increasing demand by growing its fully electric fleet six-fold by 2030 to around 30% of all vehicles produced.

Jann Hansen, Sales Director Moffett said: “Customer demand for cleaner, quieter and more sustainable equipment is growing like never before. Our partnership with Hyperdrive allows us to cater to this demand, without compromising the world-beating performance and trusted reliability expected from all our equipment. Going electric offers countless operational advantages for our customers and we’re excited to be leading the industry in this space.”

The near silent drivetrains of Moffett’s electric forklifts allow operations to continue out of traditional working hours and enables night-time deliveries for Moffett’s customers – a significant advantage to operational efficiency. The lack of exhaust pollution also means that the same machinery can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications. This means drivers can unload and load delivery trucks and stock warehouses without switching between electric and diesel vehicles – ideal for warehousing and distribution settings.

There are also significant fuel and maintenance savings associated with Moffett’s fully electric forklifts, with total ownership costs for Moffett’s E-series approximately 20% lower than diesel equivalents. Diesel powered forklift trucks typically produce more than 18 tonnes of carbon emissions per 1,500 hours of operation. Moffett estimates that its fully electric forklifts can achieve a carbon emission reduction of 75%, providing a significant boost to companies’ green credentials.

Steve Travis, Transport Manager at Pets at Home said: “Fully electric forklifts give us the potential to significantly improve our operating costs, while at the same time minimizing the environmental impact to neighbours of our stores.”

Hyperdrive’s modular battery packs were chosen due to their top of the range energy density and modularity, allowing flexibility and straightforward application in a number of different machines. This opens up the possibility of deploying fully electric equipment across a variety of different settings, including warehousing, distribution and logistics, materials handling, and construction.

The news comes just weeks after a European-wide report ( – which included views from experts from Wilmott Dixson, Innovate UK, Colas Group, and NCC – forecast rapid growth in demand for cleaner and quieter electrified equipment over the next decade to meet emission targets and ‘build back better’ following the COVID-19 pandemic. The construction industry is responsible for 40% of European carbon emissions, making it an urgent priority for decarbonisation to meet net zero targets.

Stephen Irish, Commercial Director of Hyperdrive Innovation said: “Electrification will be central to the decarbonisation of heavy industry and it’s no surprise that demand for cleaner electrified equipment is booming. Our partnerships with forward thinking companies such as Moffett will help meet the massively growing demand for electrified solutions and support the delivery of a more sustainable future.”