Brandauer's CEO comments on Budget Statement

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Following yesterday's Budget Statement, Rowan Crozier, CEO of Brandauer, a Birmingham-based metal pressings and tooling specialist, shares his thoughts.

“For a company that has invested more than £2m in the last eighteen months, we are in favour of any incentives that make those commercial decisions easier. Full expensing is definitely one of those and I’d love to see draft legislation on extending it to leased assets passed quickly.

This, combined with falling inflation, creates a more welcoming climate to direct company cash into people and new technologies.

I was a bit disappointed to see a complete lack of focus on supporting companies who export in the post-Brexit world. Thousands of us are defying more bureaucracy, complex tariffs, and unequal playing fields to fly the flag for UK manufacturing and bring GDP back into this country.

It would have been nice to see some additional support or financial incentive introduced to make international trade more accessible.

I will always bang the drum for this illusive Industrial Strategy. I wasn’t expecting it to be included in this budget, but the government, regardless of party, must find a way of creating a strategy that is locked in place for 25 years and transcends all political bias.”