Carbon footprint calculator for manufacturers launched

A 'carbon footprint calculator' for manufacturers has been launched to help SMEs across the South East region take advantage of the benefits associated with carbon footprint reporting. Using the calculator, manufacturing companies can measure their carbon footprint and begin identifying ways to improve environmental performance going forward, says the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) South East.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) research shows that businesses voluntarily reporting their greenhouse gas emissions experience enjoy benefits such as cost savings, improved green credentials, and better relations with investors and customers, says MAS. The Service's David Caddle believes: "Environmental drivers and a low carbon economy are key to the future success of UK manufacturing – manufacturers looking to go 'leaner and greener', utilising the benefits of responsible manufacturing, should take advantage of our carbon footprint calculator ensuring that environmental issues remain top of the business agenda. "Long term, sustainable growth can only be achieved by taking a close look at the environmental impact of a business and then taking firm action over waste reduction, energy saving and focusing on resource efficiency." Follow the online link