Equilibrium Risk publishes white paper on Martyn's Law for Manufacturers

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Equilibrium Risk, a leading authority in Manufacturing Security, is proud to announce the publication of its comprehensive white paper, "Martyn's Law for Manufacturers."

This in-depth resource offers manufacturers valuable insights into ensuring compliance with Martyn's Law, the landmark security regulation designed to enhance safety at public venues and events.

Martyn's Law, named in memory of Martyn Hett, a victim of the tragic Manchester Arena bombing, has brought about significant changes in the realm of security. While often associated with public venues, the law holds relevance for manufacturing organisations that host visitors, hold temporary events, or welcome local schools and colleges. Compliance with Martyn's Law is a multifaceted commitment to safeguarding lives and strengthening the security culture within the manufacturing sector.

Key Highlights of the White Paper: 

  • Understanding the Background of Martyn's Law
  • Who Maryn’s Law applies to & How it Will Impact Manufacturers
  • The Benefits of Martyn’s Law for Manufacturers
  • Guidance on How to Comply with Martyn’s Law
  • Unique Compliance Challenges for Manufacturers
  • Insights into How Martyn’s Law may be Enforced.

The white paper provides manufacturers with a comprehensive guide to navigate the compliance landscape of Martyn's Law, with a focus on practical steps, real-world examples, and actionable insights. It underscores the importance of safety and security in manufacturing operations, especially when hosting events, visitors, or educational activities.

"Security and safety are paramount in today's world, and Martyn's Law is a significant step toward achieving these goals," said Luke Appleby, Director at Equilibrium Risk. "Our white paper is a testament to our commitment to assisting manufacturers in ensuring compliance with this critical regulation, ultimately contributing to a safer environment for all."

Manufacturers seeking to enhance their security measures and compliance with Martyn's Law can access the white paper here. https://www.equilibriumrisk.com/news/martyns-law-an-introduction-for-manufacturers