Expelo signs Spirit AeroSystems deal

2 mins read

Expleo has signed a strategic agreement with Spirit AeroSystems’ Belfast operation (Short Brothers) to become a preferred supplier for engineering services.

The three-year arrangement further cements the long-standing collaboration between the two companies, which has seen them work together on multiple projects over several years and has now been extended under this agreement to include Spirit’s recently acquired Belfast facility.

Expleo will provide Spirit with engineering services for major aerospace projects including composites, stress and design, as well as significant end-to-end fuselage experience.

In addition, the application of new and innovative ways of working will be central to the agreement, including: the application of rapid concept prototyping in testing emerging aerospace engine technology, exploring the benefits of electrical power in development work for vertical take-off and landing technologies and harnessing automation opportunities in process and design modifications to in-service aircraft.

Jeff Hoyle, Executive Vice President Global Aero, Space and Defence, Expleo, said: “This is an exciting strategic agreement that has the potential to deliver industry-shaping innovations for Spirit’s aerospace customers worldwide thanks to the ambitious scope of the projects and the application of new ways of working and emerging technologies.

Hoyle continued: “It also presents an opportunity to invest in engineering talent, not only by creating a number of jobs across the Expleo business, but by developing the talent in those roles to create multi-disciplinary teams with both digital and traditional engineering expertise.”

Expleo will also leverage its existing digital, advanced automation and AI capabilities to augment its engineering offering for Spirit, helping to develop talent and drive innovation for customers.

Graham Younger, VP Aerospace at Expleo, said: “We are excited to announce this strategic agreement with Spirit, and are confident we can support their growth and diversification, including on specific projects in the UK and France with the unique skills and experienced resource we have in place.

“Expleo prides itself in offering tailored solutions, that go beyond traditional engineering and manufacturing capabilities, bringing together experience across: composite design, digital, automated engineering, industrial solution design and structure and systems.

“We will leverage this experience in our work with Spirit across their end-to-end processes, accelerating development lead-times and company performance.

“We are confident this strategic agreement can capitalise on Expleo’s global capabilities, bringing further competitiveness to Spirit, with a sustainable approach to continuous improvement.”

Expleo has a number of sites across the UK including main offices in Preston, Belfast and Bristol, as well as significant capability in its global territories including France and India.

Hoyle concluded: “Expleo’s relationship with Spirit AeroSystems is transnational and in addition to working on projects across the UK, we also collaborate on work in the US and France, providing Spirit with strong capability and a fully integrated team.”