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GivEnergy launches Polar ESS

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UK-based battery manufacturer GivEnergy has announced the launch of a budget battery storage daughter company dubbed, Polar ESS.

Polar ESS will open the access to home battery technology that can reduce the entry barriers to clean home energy. 

Since its launch in 2018, GivEnergy has expanded globally employing around 500 people worldwide. Polar ESS offers a new product range that will make home batteries more affordable, allowing individuals to store cheap clean energy in their energy storage system. 

Polar ESS energy storage systems are available for circa 50% of the cost of its parent company’s more premium offering. An average sized system can be purchased for around £2000 (without the installation fee) – representing a drastically reduced initial upfront cost for the end user.

The battery can then automatically power the home when energy prices peak. In the process, GivEnergy claims that the battery can save circa 85% on their energy bills.

Dave Roberts, UK Managing Director at GivEnergy said: "We’re proud to have developed a new, budget brand. Polar ESS is our great leveller in terms of empowering energy freedom for all. We’re hand-on-heart excited to be able to pull down the entry barriers to energy storage.”