Greyhound Box further invests in employee wellbeing

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Leeds-based cardboard box manufacturer, Greyhound Box, has further invested in their employees’ well-being with a new office refurb and zen room. Giving employees a well-needed respite from the busy factory floor.

The new refurb was inspired by the success of their previous boardroom update in April 2023, which saw an increase in efficiency and positive mental well-being from the office team. With this in mind, Greyhound Box’s Managing Director, Louise O’Brien, decided that further changes were needed to ensure that the remainder of the office was up to the business’s mental and well-being standards.

When asked about the investment, Louise commented: “We had several goals that we wanted to achieve with this stage of our office refurb.

“Firstly, we wanted an office environment that looked fresh, calming and authentically Greyhound Box, where staff could go for periods of quiet work or breaks. Secondly, we required an environment that would help our team thrive and enable them to produce their best work in a busy area, and thirdly, with the office adjoining the factory space, we needed to tackle acoustic and thermal issues that come hand-in-hand with manufacturing environments.”

The second stage of the Greyhound Box office renovation included the creation of a new zen room that gives all employees a place for peace and quiet during the busy festive period, as well as the insulation and soundproofing of the factory’s office space. This has resulted in a significant reduction in noise transferred from the factory floor to the office, allowing the team to focus better. Moreover, the refurb has provided much-needed insulation from the oncoming winter months, improving their employees' everyday working experience, whilst reducing energy consumption.

Louise added: “The team immediately felt at home when the renovation was completed and are already feeling the effects of our new investment.

“Here at Greyhound Box, we believe that investing in your staff’s space is an important part of improving staff wellbeing in the manufacturing sector. Too often businesses solely focus on their factory floor and miss other areas of their space that have the potential to improve the working lives of employees.

“We’d like to thank Imageco for helping us with our office renovation and allowing us to see the potential in our space."

The update was achieved with the support of Leeds-based wide-format print experts, Imageco, who specialise in sustainable print and signage.