Help WM close the productivity gap on Germany, Italy and France

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Have your say on skills shortages, absenteeism and employment law and help WM's Great Productivity Debate establish why UK labour productivity lags behind the rest of Europe.

WM is investigating how we bridge the divide in output per worker between us and the rest of the G7, which has hit its biggest margin since 1993 according to ONS figures. We want to hear your experiences of: • hiring and firing in the factory • The productivity paybacks of investing in workforce training and development • The role of motivation and reward in creating an all conquering, target smashing employee • Using data captured on workforce behaviour to deliver a more streamlined, profitable business • UK employment law – does it help or hinder our ability to compete on the international stage? The Great Productivity Debate will be held on 25 June from 10.30am-3pm at Bentley's Piccadilly, London. Attendance is free. Sign up by emailing WM editor Max Gosney at or leaving a comment on this story. The Great Productivity Debate will feature an introduction by leading US based productivity expert, Gregg Gordon. Delegates will also hear exclusive insight from WM's People and Productivity research 2013 and an IDC Manufacturing Insights report on Engaging the Modern Manufacturing workforce. The event will be held in partnership with workforce management specialist Kronos. For a full agenda of the Great Productivity Debate please click the link below: