Helping manufacturers meet a new hygiene standard

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Health and hygiene company, Essity, the global manufacturer of Tork professional hygiene products, offers a comprehensive bundle of hygiene solutions to help manufacturing sites achieve hygiene compliance while optimizing production efficiency at reconfigured sites.

This includes the Tork PeakServe® hand towel systems, range of surface cleaning solutions, and sanitizer systems.

The newly expanded line of Tork PeakServe dispensers leverages revolutionary continuous towel technology and compressed refills, delivering a constant supply of towels readily available to practice thorough hand hygiene without disruptions. The extended line offers a range of solutions to accommodate the footprint of any high-traffic area.

Proper hygiene on manufacturing sites requires thorough surface cleaning to mitigate any cross-contamination that can be spread through high-touch surfaces. The durable line of Tork Performance® dispensers feature flexible mounting options, so manufacturers can place supplies where they are most needed throughout their facility.

Dedicated hygiene stations can create healthy habits with staff – especially when strategically placed throughout a site. Tork hand sanitizer dispensers help maintain hygiene compliance, while Tork resources, such as the Tork Dispenser Placement Guide, can educate teams on how to thoughtfully place these dispensers throughout your workspace to optimize usage.

“To maintain the health and safety of employees and ensure efficiency, hygiene compliance must continue to be top of mind for manufacturers, said Jenny Turner, Marketing Director, Essity, Professional Hygiene. “The Tork bundle of hygiene solutions offers mission-critical products and resources to address both the hygiene and productivity needs of facilities that play a critical role in upholding this new standard. By selecting the right solution and attention to placement, improvements in efficiency can be achieved without compromising hygiene practices.”