igus hosts successful RBTX Low-Cost Robotics Live Workshop

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In a dynamic convergence of industry experts, innovators, and enthusiasts, igus, recently hosted the RBTX Low-Cost Robotics Live Workshop.

Matthew Aldridge, MD at igus UK introducing the RBTX platform at NERIC. (Source: igus)

This event, held at the North of England Robotics Innovation Centre (NERIC), brought together numerous users of low-cost robotics as well as automation novices. The workshop aimed to demystify automation, educate on affordability, and empower businesses to embark on their automation journey.

Expert Insights

The workshop featured a stellar lineup of speakers who shared their expertise and insights:

  1. Professor William Holderbaum, Professor of Mathematics and Engineering, captivated the audience with his deep knowledge of the field. He explored the latest trends, breakthroughs, and challenges in UK robotics.
  2. Dr. Saul Jones, Lead Researcher in Industrial Energy and Material, delved into making a difference in the day-to-day improvements before taking large leaps and investment into your sustainability journey. From reducing waste to optimising energy consumption, Saul emphasized that every step counts, and showed practical examples of how cash can be released back into a company to further allow investment into Low Cost Automation.
  3. Matthew Aldridge and Adam Sanjurgo, Managing Director and Low Cost Automation Product Manager at igus, engaged in a discussion about the company’s history and the genesis of the RBTX platform. Matthew Aldridge introduced RBTX as a solution to address the skill shortage faced by customers. Whilst talking through the easy-to-use RBTX website, he emphasized that not everyone is aware of the necessary components required for automation and this is where RBTX can help. Following this, Adam Sanjurgo elaborated on the advantages of testing before investing in RBTX. The platform also allows customers to book one-on-one meetings with RBTX experts who will create customised automation solutions tailored to their specific products, all free of charge.
  4. Rob Powell, triflex Product Manager at igus, put the group’s knowledge of cable management in robotic applications to the test. Through a live demonstration, he compared standard cable management to igus triflex, showcasing the significant time savings achievable when filling and removing cables with triflex.
  5. Stephanie West, Business Development Manager, took the stage to discuss how NERIC’s consulting services empower organisations to embrace automation. She highlighted real-world success stories, illustrating how NERIC collaborates with businesses to identify automation opportunities, streamline processes, and enhance productivity.

Interactive Workshops

The heart of the event was the interactive workshop led by igus’s RBTX team. Attendees immersed themselves in live demonstrations of low-cost robotic systems. From pick-and-place tasks to assembly line scenarios, the workshop showcased the versatility and ease of implementing these solutions.

Later, Stephanie West provided an insightful tour around the NERIC building showcasing a range of robots and automation systems, guiding visitors through the endless possibilities of automation.

The networking opportunity at this event allowed attendees to exchange ideas, forge partnerships, and explore potential collaborations. The synergy between industry veterans and budding entrepreneurs sparked creativity and innovation.

A Resounding Success

The turnout at the RBTX workshop exceeded expectations, with a diverse audience representing manufacturing, logistics, and technology sectors. Participants left with actionable insights, newfound connections, and a renewed enthusiasm for automation.

igus remains committed to democratising robotics, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. As the RBTX initiative gains momentum, we look forward to more collaborative events that propel the industry toward an automated future.