Inenco webinar to explore routes to Net Zero

1 min read

Join Manufacturing Management and Inenco for an exclusive webinar exploring how manufacturers can continue their journey to Net Zero.

The world around us is changing, businesses are being urged to embrace environmental sustainability, whether this be to reduce costs, maintain margins, achieve regulatory compliance or in response to supply chain pressure. However, others see it as a route to creating a competitive advantage by building brand or reputational value. The particularly farsighted grasp the opportunity to protect their organisation by creating operational resilience in an increasingly resource-constrained world.

Inenco’s focus is on helping our customers to deliver a sustainable future through expertise, insight, and innovation. Any journey begins with understanding where you are starting from – and so our initial focus is on establishing an organisation’s current carbon footprint and related environmental sustainability metrics. Our team of experts can then help to shape the strategy that will chart a path to carbon net-zero and be your trusted advisor in supporting its implementation.

The workshop will provide information on the following:
• What is net zero?
• What are the main drivers to be net zero?
• What are the benefits of net zero?
• Is there a process or methodology I can follow to reach net zero?
• Where do I start on my net zero journey?
• Net zero roadmaps

At the end of the workshop a Q&A session will be available to discuss net zero. This workshop promises to be a valuable session.


The webinar will take place at 2pm (GMT) on Thursday 26 January. Register for free now here.