Leading helicopter manufacturer signs workwear deal with Elis

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Leonardo Helicopters has appointed Elis to supply and launder bespoke workwear for 1,400 employees at its Yeovil site.

Leonardo Helicopters manufactures rotary aircraft for commercial, public utility, security and defence use and its Yeovil site manages design, development, manufacture, test, customer support, training and sales.

Martin Southard, Leonardo Helicopters’ Site Facilities Contracts Manager said “The correct workwear for all production staff and some technical staff is fundamental to Leonardo Helicopters’ health and safety requirements. Following a formal tender process, and then a series of additional reviews and a visit to an Elis laundry facility, Elis were awarded the contract to provide new bespoke workwear, including a laundry service and weekly site clinic.

“Elis has delivered a full workwear and laundry service in line with our requirements, organising the manufacturing of the garments to our agreed delivery date. Elis organised a locker system for the efficient delivery of garments to the correct employees, and its mobilisation went extremely well. Leonardo Helicopters’ staff have been very complimentary about theinstallation of the lockers and the workwear and the Elis staff have exceeded our expectations by delivering a brilliant service.”

Previously called Berendsen, Elis has been operating its workwear supply and laundry service for over a hundred years, and now runs a nationwide service, with in-house PPE expertise and workwear manufacturing, and a nationwide network of 43 industrial laundries and delivery fleets. Its services also stretch beyond the UK, as part of a leading international provider of workwear and laundry services, operating in 28 countries.

Comments Elis General Manager, Sean Goldsworthy: “We are delighted to have been awarded the contract to supply and launder Leonardo Helicopters’ bespoke workwear. Elis provides a wide range of high quality, durable and comfortable certified workwear, with all protective workwear PPE requirements covered. For businesses of all sizes, we collect soiled workwear, professionally launder and maintain it, and return the clean workwear to an agreed schedule, ensuring employees are protected, comfortable and look the part.

“Elis uses the latest technology in all aspects of its service; the workwear incorporates tiny radio frequency ID tags which mean that employees can have their own workwear, with just the right fit, rather than having to share a pool stock. The RFID technology also means superior stock control and accountability, and the highest levels of reliability. With Leonardo Helicopters having workwear for 1,400 employees across 28 different departments, and apprentices moving between departments on a regular basis, our superior stock control and efficient systems are key to delivering the high service standards expected by Leonardo. We have provided a range of workwear, including boiler-suits, trousers and jackets, incorporating different coloured shoulder flashes and bespoke embroidery. We have supplied around 7,000 garments in total, as most employees have three sets of workwear.”