Made in Britain launches business boosting initiative

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The Made in Britain Campaign has announced the #1000Makers initiative, a drive to recruit a further 500 British manufacturers by December 2015, helping them sell more by applying the Made in Britain marque.

John Pearce, CEO of Made in Britain, said: "The Made in Britain Campaign is a community of amazing makers, from specialist craftspeople right through to mega-corporations employing thousands. The goal we all share is sustainable economic growth and the creation of manufacturing sector jobs. With twice as many members we can increase the impact we have when lobbying buyers and specifiers around the country, highlighting this diverse range of businesses, products and people.

"Our membership is growing fast. We've recently passed the milestone of 500 manufacturers and we aim to reach 1,000 ready for January 2016, when we'll also be engaging with the general public and businesses through retail promotions and online stores."

He added: "With a little more than 12 months to go until the Rio Olympics and Paralympics, there has never been a better time to be shouting about British-made products and championing the UK's amazing manufacturing sector."