Managing the impact of energy market – what happens next?

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Managing the impact of high energy prices on operating costs remains a major headache for many manufacturers. However, although prices remain historically very high, they have fallen back dramatically from the astronomical levels of mid-2022. Join us for this exclusive webinar on Tuesday 18th April.

Inenco are a leading energy management and sustainability consultancy who have helped many manufacturing clients navigate the economic and market turbulence associated with the middle east wars of the 70’s, miners’ strikes of the 80’s, market regulation in the 90’s and the global financial crash of the 00’s. The experience of their experts is that you cannot accurately predict the unpredictable, but it has given them a deep understanding of market cycles.Put simply, as we enter 2023, the energy market has begun to head towards a low point in the market cycle. Current prices may still seem unpalatable but if we are approaching a market low then now is the time to contract and to contract forward for as many years as possible. This will allow you both to protect a current favourable price and to deploy a strategy that allows you to gain from any favourable market movements during the term of your contract.However, no “one size fits all” and it is important that an energy procurement and trading strategy is tailored to your organisation’s drivers and appetite for risk.In the upcoming webinar the experts from Inenco will explain how to navigate your way through the ongoing energy market turbulence. They will cover:• The Importance of Understanding Market Cycles• Explain the context of 2022 Market Prices• Discuss Winter 2022: The UK & Europe Got Lucky…• So, what is the outlook for 2023?• Will prices return to “normal” levels?• Are we therefore at the bottom of the current market cycle?• Explain current forward prices & the forecast 2023 to 2028.

Meet the presenters:

Jordan Rassas, Head of Sales

Jordan Rassas has over 10 years’ experience of helping leading organisations to define the most effective energy procurement strategy and how best to mitigate the impact of rising energy costs. He has held several senior roles with leading consultancies and is now leading Inenco’s new client acquisition. As well as coaching clients in how to think holistically around energy procurement, he is equally passionate about helping them to optimise consumption.

Stuart Lea, Associate Director – Procurement

Stuart Lea has worked in the energy industry since 1996 and has led Inenco’s procurement team across trading, risk management, supplier management and client service delivery for 14 years. His experience in procurement has enabled him to support clients in leading the transition of clients from fixed price contracts to more flexible ways of buying. His focus is on developing new and innovative products and buying strategies; that deliver cutting edge service and value to clients. Stuart has also been at the forefront of maximising the value derived from Power Purchase Agreements and European procurement.

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