Manufacturing unsure of smokefree detail

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One in five (22%) manufacturing businesses do not realise that their smoking room will have to be closed by 1st July and nearly half (45%) do not realise that work vehicles will also be covered says the Department of Health.

With less than three months to go before England goes smokefree all businesses need to get ready for the introduction of the legislation. New research from the Department of Health shows that although nearly two thirds (68%) of manufacturing businesses are aware of the forthcoming legislation but many are unsure of the detail. The Government has already launched a major campaign to prepare businesses for the 1st July, including advertising and a mail-out of guidance to more than a million businesses. A dedicated website has also been set up to help businesses and the public to prepare. When asked as part of a website poll what people would like to see their smoking room changed into three out of five people said they would like the room to be used for leisure purposes or a chill out room, while one in five said that they would opt for an extra meeting room. More than one in ten (16%) manufacturing businesses realise that they are not yet fully compliant and that they will have to take action before the 1st July. Although half of businesses are currently no smoking workplaces, even if they are already smokefree businesses will have to take to action by putting up no-smoking signs to meet the requirements of the new law. Caroline Flint, public health minister said: “The countdown is now well underway until England goes smokefree. All businesses need to ensure that they know exactly what they need to do before the 1st July. Closing smoking rooms and making sure that everyone displays the correct signage will play a key part in the smooth introduction of this legislation. Guidance is now available to download and is currently being mailed directly to businesses. We are confident that by working together everyone should be ready in time.” Through the Smokefree England campaign, the Department of Health has produced a range of guidance and signage to support businesses to prepare for the new law and has developed the following action plan 1. Inform staff and customers 2. Get your signage ready 3. Close indoor smoking rooms 4. Help staff give up smoking 5. Dealing with non-compliance