Materials Processing Institute secures £4.2m investment

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Industrial Research Centre, Materials Processing Institute (MPI) secures $4.2m investment with the aim to decarbonise key UK "foundation" sectors.

Terry Walsh, the newly appointed CEO, announced the capital injection on the EconoMiser programme, which helps make industrial polluters more sustainable. 

MPI's research is helping scale-up sustainable technologies used in making mentals, ceramics, glass and cement. The institute plans to create a new Cement and Concrete Research Centre whilst also investing predicative AI technologies to support alloy development. 

Walsh said: "This support will fund investment in cutting-edge equipment and facilities enhancing research capabilities in areas which include alloy development, hot metal processing, furnace modelling techniques, concrete and cement decarbonisation, and the testing of energy sources for refractories."

MPI is a member of the Foundation Industries Sustainability Consortium (FISC), a body that brings together foundation industries leaders. It is tasked with delivering the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) funded initiative to grow sustainable technologies.

Together the centres are focused on five key areas: recycling and reuse, alternative fuels, digital control and sensors, development of sustainable materials and process optimisation.

The EconoMISER programme aims to decarbonise the foundation industries which produce 75% of all the material on the planet but are said to be responsible for about 50 million tonnes of CO2 per year or 10 percent of the total CO2 produced by UK homes and businesses.