New technology enables chemical company to reduce and re-sell waste

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North Yorkshire chemical manufacturer, Airedale Group, has continued its roll out of new technologies which have formed part of its investment strategy.

Airedale Group's Operations Director, Daniel Fox, with Senior Projects Manager, Andrew Bellwood
Airedale Group's Operations Director, Daniel Fox, with Senior Projects Manager, Andrew Bellwood

It has added to the facilities at its four-acre site in Cross Hills with a filter press machine which will further modernise the site, increase efficiency and introduce a circular economy.

Around £40,000 has been invested in the company’s latest innovation which removes carbon from the waste product of one of its customers in the activated carbon manufacturing industry which is used to remove impurities from food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other liquids and gases.

The waste from these processes is compressed into a solid which can be safely disposed of leaving behind merchant grade phosphoric acid which is reclaimed and sold on to existing customers. It can then go on to be used in cleaning products, fertilisers and paper products.

Waste carbon has been halved by the press and it can process around 20,000 litres each day and has significantly increased the amount of acid which is recovered. 

The project has been led by operations director, Daniel Fox, and consultant waste management specialists, Hargreaves.

Daniel Fox explains: “This is a fantastic piece of engineering which has been specially designed for our purposes and not only allows us to reclaim useable products from what would have been waste but is also a shrewd move which allows us to gain a saleable product from unwanted material.

“It’s another fantastic example of how the company is investing in top class innovations to provide customers with a greater product range and Airedale Group with a more efficient, smart-working site.” 

The filter press project has been part of the company’s £2million investment strategy, aimed at creating organic growth through process efficiencies and enter into new markets with new product specialisms.