New website helps firms plot a roadmap to Net Zero

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Energy consultancy, BiU, has launched an online platform for organisations seeking to develop and deliver on net zero strategies.

Crucially, the site is a resource for action, not just intention, with advice on real-world solutions to meet net zero goals.

Project Net Zero - - was conceived in response to the urgent imperative for companies to end their contribution to climate change.

Primarily aimed at large corporates and large public sector organisations, Project Net Zero guides companies at all stages of their net zero journey, from initial target setting through to implementation.

An important feature of the site is its intelligent net zero calculator – which offers a personalised roadmap to net zero based on a company’s individual characteristics, such as core activities, budget, sector and level of ambition.

The site also offers a wealth of advice on practical solutions required to decarbonise, including energy efficient tech, renewable energy and offsetting. A technology provider directory makes it easier for firms to connect with partners implementing carbon reduction measures.

To keep companies informed, an industry-leading Insights section features regular news, advice and analysis on net zero developments.

The site launches just days after the US re-joined the Paris Agreement under Biden’s presidency, a move which means two-thirds of the world’s emissions are now covered by net zero commitments.

The UK enshrined its 2050 net zero target into law in 2019, and is developing policies to support the transition. Organisations with net zero targets futureproof themselves for tightening legislative frameworks, as well as creating opportunities for growth and innovation.

Over 1,500 businesses globally have set net zero targets of some kind*, and public sector bodies are also driving the transition. The majority of UK local authorities now have net zero targets in place, and the NHS recently became the world’s first national health system to commit to net zero.

Importantly, large organisations are also pushing their supply chain to also set a net zero plan. These are often smaller businesses with limited resources, and Project Net Zero provides them with the tools they need to start their decarbonisation journey.

“Net zero presents a huge opportunity for businesses, but we recognised the need for a comprehensive information platform that would show companies how to get there – previously there has been no “go to” source for independent advice,” says Anthony Mayall, Chief Commercial Officer at BiU. “An organisation’s aspirations, budget and resources can determine the route it takes – Project Net Zero provides a tailored roadmap to help you set, progress and achieve your net zero goals.”

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