NexSys Launches Manufacturing Productivity Guide

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NexSys has spent the last four decades forming relationships with UK manufacturers. We understand the challenges they face and have ongoing discussions about how to navigate an ever-changing commercial landscape.

Our toolkit of solutions is truly transformative, and our latest white paper aims to shine a light on how ERP can help overcome the obstacles ahead by building resilience, driving efficiencies, and boosting the bottom line.

Technology has always played a critical role in helping UK manufacturers become more resilient. Innovation is key to giving them the agility to adapt to changing market demands, improve their efficiency and productivity, and reduce costs. The digital era is taking those capabilities to another level.

Business can use the latest NexSys white paper to guide them on their digital journey. It looks at how companies exploit the power of SYSPRO ERP to drive continuous improvement. This includes everything from automating tasks and removing human error to reducing waste and providing high-end analytics for strategic decision making.

Businesses have been confronted by major challenges in recent times including Brexit, the pandemic, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Ongoing disruption is putting supply chains under unprecedented pressure, legislator requirements are increasing, and rising energy costs are squeezing margins.

Our manufacturing guide highlights how digitalisation can address these challenges by driving efficiencies and identifying areas for improvement. NexSys’ portfolio of solutions provides unrivalled visibility and gives business leaders access to real-time reliable data. That insight allows them to be more agile and to future-proof their operations.

NexSys has an impressive track record in supporting digital transformation and our white paper explores how our solutions address challenges, drive efficiencies and boost productivity. help exploit future opportunities.

Our clients are our greatest ambassadors. Leicester-based business BPW Ltd builds and assembles axles, suspensions and transportation equipment. It began working with NexSys in 2007 and in the white paper, the business talks about how adopting SYSPRO has helped it respond to changing customer demand, build its manufacturing capabilities and gear up for future growth.


BPW’s IT Manager, Michelle Kazakevics says: “An integrated system has allowed us to track everything in real time, from the start to the end of the manufacturing process. We know what our stock is doing and where everything is.”, says BPW Ltd’s IT Manager, Michelle Kazakevics. “SYSPRO has allowed us to do a lot of customisation to meet the changing needs of our business.  We’ve also been able to integrate SYSPRO with other internal systems so departments can share information.”


She adds: “There are so many possibilities, from Business Insights to support with part number creation… SYSPRO will be integral to the future of our business.


There are countless examples of other customers who have used our portfolio of solutions to transform their operations. Read our latest white paper to learn more about how NexSys can support your business on its ERP journey.