Number of manufacturers in LSE 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain down in 2016

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There are 104 manufacturers in the LSE 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2016 report, down from 123 in 2015.

The annual report identifies the businesses that are demonstrating growth, innovation and increasing the UK’s global reputation. Engineering and construction is well-represented with 105 companies, up from 87 last year.

One of the top manufacturing firms to make the list was Pressure Technologies. The North-East producer of high-pressure systems was praised for its high-risk but ultimately high-reward decision to enter the alternative energy sector in 2008.

CEO John Hayward confirmed the impact of the decision on the company’s current success. “Alternative energy is expected to account for 25% of our 2015 revenues,” he said.

Other manufacturers to make the LSE list for 2016 were King’s Lynn-based textiles and ceramics servicing manufacturer KL Technologies and food service equipment producer Jestic.

EEF CEO, Terry Scuoler stressed the importance of a strong manufacturing industry in sustaining the UK’s economic growth.

“The UK’s future growth will be linked in large measure to our ability to reverse our decades-long relative decline in industrial performance, and in our export and balance of trade performance,” he said.