Only 1% of manufacturers support current Apprenticeship Levy roll-out

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Just 1% of manufacturers believe the April 2017 roll-out of the Apprenticeship Levy should go ahead in its current guise, according to a poll by the EEF.

Nearly three quarters (72%) of those surveyed believe implementation should be delayed until both government and businesses agree it is fit for purpose. Around half of respondents said the current structure is confusing (53%), overly-complicated (49%) and a burden on business (54%).

Reacting to the figures, the EEF is calling for the government to delay rolling out the levy by at least six months, or until concerns around its effectiveness are properly addressed. Businesses believe that the levy must be simple to administer (92%), easy to understand (89%) and offer easy access to funding (79%).

Tim Thomas, director of employment and skills policy at EEF, said the rush to bring in the levy has “left little time to iron out some significant wrinkles”.

“The fact that just 1% of firms want to see the levy go into place in its current guise is pretty telling,” he continued. “Companies can see issues over clarity, simplicity and timing, along with many other concerns. As a result a large majority want to see the levy delayed until business and government are satisfied that it’s fit for purpose.”