Rockall Safety announces expansion to Lambourne Crescent property

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Rockall Safety, a leading provider of safety equipment in the UK is thrilled to announce the expansion to the property at Lambourne Crescent, Cardiff.

With this expansion, the company will double its operational space, reinforcing its commitment to delivering high-end safety solutions to its valued customers.

The added space at Lambourne Crescent, coupled with the existing premises, marks a significant milestone in Rockall’s journey. The expansion comes as a strategic move to meet the increasing demand for innovative safety products and services in the market.

“Our core principle at Rockall Safety is to provide our customers with the highest quality professional safety equipment. This expansion is a huge achievement for the company and will help us provide comprehensive safety solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.” - Lee Brown, Director at Rockall Safety.

Additionally, the new space allows for a wider range of safety equipment to be stocked, ensuring customers have access to the latest and most advanced products. Rockall can also streamline its operations, leading to quicker order processing, efficient customer service, and a more seamless experience for clients.

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