SAP named market leader in business intelligence and analytics

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SAP – which has just reported 26% growth in software revenue and 20% growth in software related service revenues – has been named leader in business intelligence (BI) worldwide, with nearly a quarter of the market.

In its report, 'Market Share Analysis: Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics and Performance Management, 2010, Worldwide', analyst Gartner suggests that SAP ranks No. 1, with 23% share based on revenue, reflecting 16.8% growth since 2009. Incidentally, that is for the combined BI market, also encompassing the platforms themselves, corporate performance management (CPM) systems, analytic applications and performance management. Gartner says total BI market revenue reached $10.5 billion in 2010, marking a 13.4% increase from 2009's revenue of $9.3 billion. BI platforms had a 63.7% market share of total worldwide BI software revenue. CPM suites took 20.6% and analytic applications and performance management software came in at 15.7%. "We believe our performance – which is ahead of the market growth rate – demonstrates how customers are looking to SAP as a trusted business partner to help their return to growth," comments Steve Lucas, general manager for business analytics at SAP. "Not only do we bring innovative technologies to market, [but] we also help customers apply them to solve their business challenges. In doing so, we help them to deliver real-time information to any device, create agility across value chains and enable the previously impossible," he continues. Lucas insists that SAP's systems allow manufacturing companies to understand the business impact of risks and opportunities, and to take coordinated action to events as they're happening. "Our technology and business expertise enable customers to go beyond what they seek to achieve," he says.