Simply Waste Solutions choose Loadmac for their truck mounted forklift solution

1 min read

UK independently owned waste management company Simply Waste Solutions has invested in a Loadmac truck-mounted forklift that will enable it to offer a bulk recycling service to its large commercial clients.

Simply Waste Solutions operate over fifty vehicles within a twenty-five-mile radius of Heathrow, predominantly focussing on bin and bag collections. Chief James Capel says that the new truck mounted forklift will now allow the company to offer an expanded service to their customers.

“The Loadmac will go on the back of a new curtain-sider we have also recently invested in,” he explains. “It’s part of our plan to encourage our customers to recycle more, so this will now enable us to visit customer sites and collect recyclable material by the bale. These bales can weigh up to half a tonne each so with the Loadmac we have the flexibility to load at any site without needing to worry about what material handling options our customers have.”

The Loadmac is now in service and has been supplied with a specialised clamping attachment that allows Simply Waste Solutions to collect bales from the side – rather than underneath – speeding up the loading and unloading process.