UK forklift manufacturer wins innovation prize

Redditch-based materials handling equipment manufacturer Translift Bendi has been awarded an innovation prize for its pedestrian-operated Mini Bendi product.

Retailer Asda made the award to Bendi for the positive effect the Mini-Bendi has had on reducing space required for back-of-shop storage. Simon Grass, Asda's back of house development manager, said: "The Mini Bendi allows us to significantly drive the use of the cube in our back of house areas as it can work in the narrow aisle format and maximise the usable height available, but due to its way of working it allows us to have pedestrian pick within the same area." Asda played a key role in the development of the Mini-Bendi product, which is now selling across other markets including manufacturing. Pictured (L-R): awards host Tiff Needell with Karen Hubbard, Asda executive director; Andy Higham, Bendi director; Brian Rutherford, Asda head of store design